Project Management Process Driller

Play with PMBOK ITTO – Interactive Mind Map in PDF aligned with PMBOK Guide® – Fifth Edition(English)

Project Management-5thEd – Knowledge Area Wise 

5th KA-wise

Project Management-5thEd – Process Group Wise

5th PG-wise

Project Management Process Driller Based on PMBOK Guide® – Fifth Edition(English)

–> Project Management Process Driller Excel Workbook Link <–

In this Excel workbook, there are 4 sheets.

In first sheet(Name:KAs Vs Process Groups), I presented detailed information of Processes in different Knowledge Areas grouped under five process groups in ready-to-print table format.


In 2nd Sheet (Name:Drill-down), I presented an interactive drill down which displays ITTO information based on your selection of Process groups & processes within the process group. Here VB Macros are used to make the experience more visually pleasant and greatly understandable.


We see PMBOK arranged its content based on Knowledge area. So 3rd sheet(Name:Drill-down2) is just a different dimension for the information presented in 2nd sheet. The key driving factor here is Knowledge area. This view helps you to review ITTO PMBOK chapter-wise.


In fourth sheet(ITTO Drill-down), 191 ITTO in all processes are provided with drill down facility. With this pivot, one can readily get –

Which are all processes using particular ITTO?
Which process group that process belongs to?
Is the given ITTO item a Input or Tool & Technique or Ouput?
In how many processes an ITTO item used?
Is an ITTO item, output to which process & input to how many other processes?


This excel workbook provided for personal use like PMP Exam Preparation or PM activities & DON’T share this in common forum or web sites. As this one is part of my training guide and project management book

By the way, I one last thing before I close this post: This document is password protected. Use “leadershipchamps” as open password for the document. I prefer keeping it Read-Only to keep the integrity of the excel, so select “Read-Only” button in subsequent dialog that asks for Write Access password. Also, select “Enable content” to enable the Macros. Though I ensured it virus-free, but still I strongly advise you to virus scan before you open the document.

In case you found any errors (or) you have any comments, suggestions or questions, please contact me through my blog

Group decision-making techniques

Myth of one man leadership is myth of lone warrior. It is not possible for one person to solve all organizational problems because they are too complex in nature & environment is turbulent. Leaders need a team to solve problem in collaboration instead of solving it in isolation of his own.

We need board of directors to run a company. Group of people to work as team in projects. It is no more a one man show. Issues are everywhere. Each issue needs one solution decision – so group decision-making are inevitable nowadays. Here are some widely used group decision-making methods to reach decision.

Group Decision-Making Techniques

Happiness Model – Which one is yours?

Here is two model of defining your happiness.

Model A (in Left): Happiness is the main factor & others items surrounding it are by products. Being happy attracts good in every other thing surrounding it. You want to stay happy to achieve good in everything.

Model B (in Right): Happiness is by-product of all other items surrounding it. Only when good happens in other items, it gives rise to happiness. You want to stay good in everything to achieve happiness.

Happiness Model

Happiness Model

So which Model is yours? Left (Or) Right?

What to Praise when you praise someone?

What to Praise when you praise someone? Praising an ability, praising an effort – which one is having a positive & constructive effect?

Yes. Praising the effort.

Why? It gives more positive feeling to achieve.. So, whenever you see an outcome (i.e. ability) identify the effort behind that (i.e. preparation for that) & praise the effort. If you praise ability, then it creates fear of failure & doesn’t produce motivation.

Self-Esteem.. How you see things happening in life..

Someone with high self-esteem, someone with low self-esteem, and someone with medium self-esteem are playing golf together.

The golfer with high self-esteem swings, misses the ball, and shouts, “what an awesome swing!”

The golfer with medium self-esteem swings, misses the ball, and says, “Oh well.”

The golfer with low self-esteem swings, hits a hole in one, and scoffs, “It was an accident! The wind blew it in!”

— From Unworthy

Leadership is not a profession..

Leadership is not a profession.. It is a human quality. It requires a right mindset to be a leader. Look around the leaders you admire and find the quality that you think that made you to like them. You can practice it with passion & not by force. You will feel the change how people see you – you will be their leader soon.